January 25, 2022
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Points and accessories to fit DMI, CNH, IH, Brillion, Sunflower, M&W, JD

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Name Shank Size
41BDMI211442 Ripper Point DMI, Case New Holland, Krause, John Deere (1-1/4” shank)
41BDMI211242 Ripper Point DMI, Case New Holland (1-1/2” shank)
41B2508IH Ripper Point IH #14 (1-1/4” shank)
7709545IH Ripper Point IH reversible point (#10 shank)
77MW11000 Ripper Point IH (#11 shank), M&W reversible point (1-1/4" shank)
41B2512JD Ripper Point John Deere, Krause, Glencoe (1-1/4” shank)
41B2512SFMW Ripper Point M&W, Sunflower (1-1/4” shank)
41B2512B Ripper Point Brillion (1” shank)
41B2512B2 Ripper Point Brillion Land Commander (1-1/4” shank)
41B2512MWF Ripper Point M&W (1-1/4” parabolic shank)
41B2510JDKW7 1-1/4”

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