December 1, 2021
Wiese Corp

Our History

Over 100 Years of Forging Quality Farm Tillage Tools

In 1899, Henry Wiese started a blacksmith shop in Perry, Iowa. Mr. Wiese, realizing that farming was a mainstay of the Iowa economy, decided to specialize in repairing plows and other early day farm tillage tools. As time progressed Mr. Wiese also saw the need to manufacture forged "weld-on" replacement plow points and edges. Thus began Wiese Industries as New Process Plow Welding Company.

Being the visionary most successful early American entrepreneurs were, Mr. Wiese branched out into other areas of hot metal forging including clevis hooks and other weld-on tillage points. Soon Henry Wiese's son Lee joined his father in the business. The development of the arc welder drastically changed the future of the old blacksmith shop. It was in the 1930's that Lee Wiese purchased his first arc welder and changed the name of his company to Wiese Plow Welding. Using new drop forging machines, Mr. Wiese started manufacturing parts that could be welded onto plowshares, saving the farmers time and money. As new implements were introduced to farmers by implement manufacturers new opportunities were realized.

In the mid 1950's the company name was changed to Wiese Corporation, started making fertilizer knives and new one piece plowshares called disposable shares. He expanded the product line to include spikes, chisels, repair points, sweeps, and a full line of farm tillage tools.

The success of the business brought notoriety to the Wiese family. Lee Wiese became involved in the community and supported many local events. He also became an amateur ham radio operator and helped in many emergency situations. At his death, Lee Wiese established a foundation to continue to improve the community where he grew up. Through the foundation, Perry has built a new Library and Park. Several other Perry non-profit organizations benefited from his foundation.

In 2003, the company changed its name to Wiese Industries, Inc. and became associated with The Empire Plow Company, Inc. of Cleveland, Ohio and Ralph McKay Industries, Inc. of Regina, Saskatchewan. Wiese Industries has grown to be one of America's largest farm tillage tool manufacturers. Wiese has developed its sales mix to include manufacturing parts for original equipment manufacturers, while maintaining its own brand name product line.

Wiese Industries was founded on quality and service and continues to set the industry standard for tillage tool manufacturing. Wiese is a member of F.E.M.A. (Farm Equipment Manufacturer's Association). To insure Wiese's future, the company has recently invested in state of the art forging furnaces and is committed to its customers, employees, suppliers and community.

The primary products manufactured by Wiese Industries at its 100,000 sq. ft. facility in Perry are plow shares, moldboards, shins, landsides, chisel spikes, cultivator blades and other items that serve a variety of agricultural-related functions.

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